His yes this is the Storm speaking. There may be turbulence but the plane shall never crash.

This is an everything kind of blog. I'm into video games, good science/math, anime, books, tons of other shit. Take a look at what I have and see if this is the right blog for you.

The Storm grows each day, but it is not as ominous as it may appear to be. If you actually follow me, then you have my thanks, friend.
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Kevin Francis Gray, Art 

Kevin Francis Gray is an Irish sculptor that creates neoclassical inspired pieces that transcend all conventionalisms.

His technique shows a complete dedication to realism in search for a physical perfection that few have achieved. The meticulously crafted figures lay at the cross roads of real and unreal and open a debate about the current definitions of tradition and innovation. Although his choice of materials, the extreme detail and visual references he incorporates in every piece may come across a conventional, this is exactly where the innovative essence lies.